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JackPoT Da Block Boy...  an artist representing Pacoima "818" Valley, CA. His explosive lyrics, packed with the rough aggression, of the Los Angeles GANG INFESTED streets, or filled with chilling and hardcore bars of encouragement.  Jackpot is seeking to uplift inner city African Americans, and Latinos. His diversified styles of hard core hip hop, reflects plenty swagger and well defined knowledge and creativity. You can find his lyrics portraying countless stories of real life hustlers, dope dealers, pimps, prostitutes and convicts deceased and trapped threw-out California's department of rehabilitation.  As an artist and song writer Jackpot is definitely worthy of being respected for up-holding the west coast as one of its' home crown gangsta raps' finest ... With great character and real skills, he sharply destroys all false imitators, haters, and spectators. Jackpot most certainly promises to deliver Champion-Ship bars, and Star quality music.

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